Stephen Jackson had an off night

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Stephen Jackson is one of the game’s most complete swingmen. When he’s on his game, he can hit the outside shot and drive to the basket equally well. He’s comfortable making plays both handling the ball on the perimeter and backing his man down. His long arms make him capable of defending almost any player on the floor and getting steals and blocks on the weak side.

Jackson has given the Bobcats a huge spark offensively this season. Over the past two games, Jackson’s talents have been on display. Jackson went off for 29 points in a win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and had 35 points in a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. He shot better than 50% from the field in both games.

However, Jackson is also one of the most mercurial players on the league, and capable of following up a great game with a highly questionable performance. True to form, Jackson followed up two of his best scoring performances of his the season with one of the worst shooting nights of anybody’s season.

Jackson went 1-16 from the field last night against the Clippers, missing all five of his shots at the rim and all five of his threes. According to basketball-reference, whose player game database starts in the 1986-87 season, a player has made 1 or less shots on 16 or more attempts 10 times since the 1986-87 season. The only player to shoot the ball 16 or more times without making a shot since the 86-87 season is Tim Hardaway, who infamously went 0-17 during a 1991 contest. In the 10 times this has occurred, the offending shooter’s team has only won the game twice. (One of those two games was actually won by Hardaway’s Warriors; in that game, Hardaway did record 13 assists as he struggled from the field.) 

Jackson also turned the ball over five times as he struggled to find the net. Of the 10 players who shot 1-16 or worse during a game, only four turned the ball over five or more times while doing so. To Jackson’s credit, only Clyde Drexler hit more free throws than Jackson while shooting so poorly from the field. Of the players who shot 1-16 or worse, Jackson is the only one to ever foul out.

So how bad was Stephen Jackson last night? Very, very bad. The good news is that what makes Stephen Jackson who he is is that he’s more than capable of dropping 30 when the Bobcats visit the Jazz on Wednesday night.

Watch Derrick Rose leave Patty Mills standing still with eurostep, huge dunk

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New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose still has some explosivity left in his legs. Against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday night, the former MVP left Spurs guard Patty Mills standing still on a thunderous dunk.

The play came in the fourth quarter with Rose on the break and Mills the only Spurs player defending the basket. Rose had a full head of steam, and it appeared Mills was going to for the charge call.

Rose then craftily eurostepped his way around Mills, leading to the jam.

San Antonio beat New York, 106-98.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich on resting players: “It’s complicated … kind of like healthcare”

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San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, along with LeBron James, has been at the center of the discussion about resting players in the NBA. The legendary coach has been credited with the idea to rest star players en masse during the season to save them for the playoffs. Meanwhile, after the Cavaliers sat LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love during a primetime matchup on ESPN, the team received a call from the league.

Commissioner Adam Silver has been active in talking about the issue as of late, and has even issued a memo to team owners to be considerate about resting players.

Popovich, meanwhile, thinks the issue isn’t quite as easy to clear up. Speaking with ESPN, the Spurs coach noted that each party in an NBA team has a different role and goal, and that sometimes those goals pull opposite each other.

Additionally, Popovich said asking owners to step in to make a decision over a coach or GM could be a serious issue.


But we all have different roles, different jobs, and different goals. We can’t satisfy everybody. But I think that every owner’s gonna be different. I think it’s a slippery slope, and makes it difficult to keep trust, and camaraderie to the degree that I think you have to have to be successful in this league if owners get too involved in what coaches and GMs are doing.”

“I think keeping owners informed about what’s going on is mandatory, and having input is fine,” Popovich said. “But I think there has to be an understanding that coaches and GMs have brains also, and we know who pays the bills. It’s a slippery slope, I think, if owners got too involved in that process. That trust relationship in those three areas is really important in creating a culture and making something that can be long-lasting.

What Popovich is basically pointing out is that GMs and coaches are hired to be the basketball minds for a reason. Having owners meddle in day-to-day decisions like resting players could muddy that relationship.

The San Antonio coach did concede that the best idea might be to rest players when they are at home, in front of home crowds who are more likely to have already seen their top players that season simply due to repetition. But Popovich isn’t in favor of broad, sweeping mandates on resting players from the league since that wouldn’t always be prudent.

“That’s why no basic rule has been written, so to speak,” said Popovich. “Because you can’t write a rule that covers everything. It’s complicated … kind of like healthcare.”

Chicago does humor with “Beauty and the Bull” snapchat musical

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The Beauty and the Beast movie is both a hit and ripe for satire. Or just amusing spinoffs.

Enter the Chicago Bulls, with Benny the Bull mascot and Robin Lopez pitching in on a musical takeoff of the film promoting the team.

Well played Bulls.

LeBron James drives through Wizards defense, dunks on

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Even when they are getting beat — and the Cavaliers have some issues to shake out before the playoffs start — there are a couple times a game that LeBron James makes a play that is stunning.

For example, splitting defenders out high with his dribble then going in and dunking on Ian Mahinmi. LeBron did that Saturday night.

The Wizards beat the Cavaliers and Cleveland has issues that are bigger than LeBron’s goggles (Boston can tie Cleveland for the top spot in the East with a win Sunday), but never doubt LeBron’s explosiveness.